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TREEB price chart and market cap

1.0000 +0%(Past 3 days)
$ 0.00
24h % Price
7d % Price
Market Cap
$ 2,644,336.00
24h Volume
$ 81,042.00
Coin Supply
689,951,072.32 TREEB

What is Retreeb (TREEB)

Retreeb is a new decentralized way to pay that allows its users to act in accordance with today’s universal values of ethics, sharing and solidarity. Retreeb is built on the Fantom blockchain, using a fork “Fantom Opera”, with a DAG consensus. Our vision is to build a better future by a better distribution of value using payment

How ? By removing the middleman, which are the banks, retreeb is able to free itself and merchants from interbank fees. Through its economic model as well as its technical infrastructure, we are opting for unprecedented transparency in a particularly opaque sector

How can I exchange Retreeb

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  1. Go to

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  4. Enter the amount of your Retreeb(TREEB) in the first section you wish to exchange.

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